Women’s Committee

Chairman – Christy Frazier

The Women’s Committee wish to thank President Chris Blizard, the Executive Board and our fellow Union Brothers and Sisters for their continued support of our many activities and fund raisers.

The ladies of UAW Local 402 help to serve the needs of International’s female workers as well as assist many local charities.

Kelley Kane          Shauna Hogan
Judy Lattimer       Helena Dietrich
Diana Boyd            Sheila Slone
Angie Lawson

The Local 402 Women’s Committee was formed with the following purposes in mind:

  • To educate all of our members about women’s issues by distributing and discussing information of concern to women.
  • To help build individuals’ self-esteem.
  • To provide educational and leadership opportunities for female members of our local union.
  • To help build solidarity and understanding among the entire membership of our local.

Your input and concerns are very important to us. Although we can not bargain for you (that is the responsibility of your union steward and bargaining committee), we are here to listen if you have women’s issues in the workplace. Perhaps we can help the situation or refer you to the proper person who can. Feel free to contact any member of the committee in the plant whenever you need us.

We encourage you to attend your membership meetings.

The Women’s Committee of Local 402

No recognition of “National Women’s History Month” could be complete without acknowledging our local women.   The ladies of UAW 402 help to serve the needs of International’s female workers as well as assist with many local charities. The Committee’s mission is to educate, address women’s issues and concerns in the work place, build self-esteem, provide leadership, and build solidarity among members. They do not act as a bargaining committee for women.

Established by the UAW in the early 1940’s, the committee was formed to incorporate the burgeoning female work force into the union. The Women’s Bureau was charged with recommending programs to protect women workers’ job rights and eliminate sexual discrimination. In 1955 the bureau became the UAW Women’s Department. The major focus at that time was to educate the UAW membership about women’s issues and concerns. In 1975 the Women’s Dept. started sponsoring annual, one-week International Women’s Conferences to develop leadership skills, union awareness, and political action among the members chosen by their Regional Director. Starting in December 1998, the current 402 Women’s Committee has continued the mission started by their predecessors. They serve the local community by raising money to help local food banks, Christmas charities, and shelters.

The Local 402 Women’s Committee: A proud part of International’s heritage.