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Dan Davis
Area CAP Council Chairman

3671 Urbana Road
Springfield, OH 45502

The “CAP” in UAW-CAP Council stands for “Community Action Program.” The Springfield Area UAW-CAP Council is the political arm of the UAW locals in the Springfield-Clark County area. The UAW locals included in this area CAP Council are Locals 402 and 658.

Our purpose is to be aware of what is happening in our communities as well as in the political arena on the local, state, and national levels. We research issues, candidates, and pending legislation and work to educate our members on the information we have gathered. We encourage our members to register to vote and to get out and participate in each election by casting an educated and informed vote. We are especially aware and interested in issues affecting the working men and women we represent.

The CAP Council meets at 5:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday every month at the UAW Local 402 Union Hall, 3671 Urbana Road, Springfield.

Chairman Dan Davis 402 390-3327
Vice-Chairman Tony Curington Sr
Recording Secretary Steve Clark 658 399-3082
Financial Secretary Morgan Hughes 402 390-3327
 Trustee Chairman Marcia Flax  658 399-3082
Trustee Joe Penwell 402
Trustee Ted McClenen 402
Sgt-At-Arms Herb Phares CCE

Useful State Government Phone Numbers

Ohio House of Representatives General Info 800.282.0253
Ohio Senate General Info 800.282.0253
Attorney General Consumer Protection 800.282.0515
Ohio Consumers’ Council Utility Consumer Complaints 877.742.5622
Legal Rights Services General Info 800.282.9181
Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) General Info 800.686.PUCO
Ohio Supreme Court General Info 800.826.9010
Ohio Supreme Court Disciplinary Counsel 800.589.5256
Dept. of Aging Golden Buckeye Card 800.422.1976
Auditor of State General Info 800.282.0370
Treasurer of State General Info 800.228.1102