Jeff Lynch

Jeff Lynch, E.A.P.
Employee Assistance Coordinator


The UAW/International Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a joint program between UAW Local 402 and International Truck & Engine Corporation. The program is designed to provide professional assistance to members and their dependants to resolve personal issues that impact their lives or their jobs. These issues include, but are not limited to:

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Marital and Family Problems
Emotional Problems
Alcohol and Drug Problems
Financial Problems

Our Program Features:

  • Key Employee Consultation (Union Representatives & Supervisors)
  • Referrals to professional resources
  • Confidentiality
  • Participation is voluntary

The EAP can act as your consultant.  By using the EAP, the employee is able to receive the help needed to solve problems that may affect his/her job performance.  The EAP coordinates available employee benefits with professional resources in the area to address any problem within the program’s scope.

Consulting the EAP Coordinator will in no way affect your job as all information is kept in the strictest confidence.  If you are consulting the EAP about problems at home or on the job, you may wish to release information voluntarily to your union representative or management  in order for the EAP to help you in your situation.  Using the EAP is seen by management as a positive step towards resolving your personal issues.  However, any discipline already in place or pending at the time of consultation may or may not be affected.

Help is just a phone call away.  Please feel free to contact me at:

Office……….(937) 390-4597
Cell Phone…(937) 605-2763